Place to Be — DAY1 (2016)

The first mini-album (EP) DAY1 – Place to Be. It calling for communication about “Life in the dusty city roads”.

It’s a difficult to hear fresh sound and new sound in music with harmonica nowadays. We were attempting to do this mini-album a just that. Did it work? We don’t know. We’re hoping you will say it!

Now we’re committed to live a conversation with an audience and we’re using improvisation at our concerts for that. Because this album is describe a specific time slice and it is like an experiment with a sound.


Recording this:
Julia Gree – vocals
Vladimir Maliukov – guitar, arrangement
Vadim Mit’ko – harmonica, vocals
Uriy Gorbachev – drums
Artem Vasilenko – bass
and also Anton Nekludov – congas

Place to Be _ DAY1